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Do Superhumans Exist?

This song helped me write this, please listen while you read if you can. Looking at all of the people in the world and what some of them have accomplished […]

Self-Discipline 1

Flexing your Willpower Muscles

As humans, we are given a gift that sets us apart from other animals. Yesterday, I talked about choices and how we should consider our future when making even the […]

Self-Discipline 2

Voluntarily Living the Hard Way

January has almost come to a close but I have finally realized what my New Year’s Resolution is all about. Self-Discipline. Throughout the last few years I’ve felt like I […]

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Strive To Be A Millionaire … in Friends

We build too many walls and not enough bridges.  – Isaac Newton A Bridge is a connection between one piece of land and another. One person and another. One person and a group. One group and […]

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Bucket List: 30 by 30

At the beginning of the month, I turned the wise age of twenty-six. It’s really nothing special, twenty-six. It feels a lot like twenty-five. I recently realized how much older twenty-seven […]