Best Homework Ever

Films have always been a big part of my life and since I have started school at DePaul it has become an even bigger part. I hope to make a living in the film industry, so my life’s homework is to watch movies, and then watch more movies. I watch, I listen, I analyze. My skills for film analyzing and interpreting are still developing but I definitely don’t watch movies the way I used to. I have an appreciation for camera movement, well achieved visual effects and sound effects, film scores, story structure, the list goes on! I have even started going back to movies I have already seen and wonder what it was I liked or didn’t like about the film. For some films my opinions have completely changed, which has been cool and sad at the same time. I’ve realized many of the movies I watched and loved as a kid or teenager…well, they kinda suck. Perhaps that comes with age, but also just the understanding of how the film was made and what they were (or were not) trying to achieve has become much more apparent to me now.
In the past seven days I have watched several films and short films for the first time:

  • Her by Spike Jonze
  • Inside Man by Spike Lee
  • Snatch by Guy Ritchie
  • Tarnation by Jonathan Caouette
  • The Chicken by Una Gunjak
  • Look For Me by Laura Heit
  • Burn by Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley
  • American History X by Tony Kaye

I feel emotionally affected and totally inspired in weird and amazing ways. A few of these hit me harder than others, particularly Tarnation and American History X. They are completely different types of movies, but boy, do they make you feel lucky to have the life you do, with the family, health, opportunities and tiny problems that you do compared to what you see on screen.

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