Picked Out, Purchased and Carried

Have you ever been shopping at the store, you see something that you just know has to come home with you? You think to yourself, that item doesn’t belong anywhere else but in my possession. It feels like you’ve had it all along, but it was lost and you’ve just found it. I had a moment like that last Friday.
Slowly but surly, my apartment is coming together. Between work, school and moving, the past two weeks have been a little stressful. But I guess when you’re making films, working on final projects, reconciling College of Law charges on 20+ accounts, and making your apartment look like a home instead of a maze of cardboard boxes all at once, that’s understandable.
On Friday I made a quick decision that shed some light on everything, I saw that item, and I knew it was mine. And I bought my first piece of furniture! I realized when I got home that this was true. Of course, I have other furniture but this is the first item I picked out, purchased and carried home all by myself.
What is it, you ask? It is a corner shelving unit, made of light wood with five rounded shelves that increase in size from top to bottom.

The Only Corner

Where did I get it? Well, I’m proud to say I like to be thrifty, I bought my shelf at the Salvation Army in basically perfect condition. I know some people are a little iffy about the Salvation Army but you really can find some great stuff. If you are on a budget and need some cheap furniture it’s not a bad place to look, you could get lucky!
You read correctly earlier…I carried this awkward shape all the way home (which is about six blocks), I may or may not have stopped about twelve times to readjust but I finally made it!
Me, sweating, after the carry

I then realized I don’t have any real corners in my studio to necessitate a corner shelf except one spot…in between my bed and the ugly heater on the wall, it fits perfect. When you live in one room you just make it work. It’s like a giant puzzle. “Here’s all your junk, it all has to be neat, organized and functional in this one room, ready go!”
Challenge accepted.
The puzzle throws extras pieces at you when you find gems at Sarmy (that’s what me and my Mom call Salvation Army) but sometimes you just know, you go with your gut, you buy something and make it work! I see many great years in our future, me and my new shelf.
The Uptown Studio is moving on up…
next on the list is a desk…I don’t think I can carry that. <3

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