Throwback "Selfies" of the MySpace Age

Throwing back on this fine Thursday, to these gems. I think all of these photos were taken pre-smartphone with my Nikon D40x and yes they were all, at one point, my MySpace profile photo. How do I know this for a fact? Because my Myspace still exists and I totally just downloaded all of these from MySpace.
This first one here was my favorite for a while, the United Girls Group shirt is classic (and old, even in this photo), a group of girls at my elementary school decided to rebel against Brownies and start are own group.
The second photo, my hair is red. This was the first (technically second) time I ever dyed my hair….let’s just say it didn’t go quite right the first time.That was a Spring Break moment I won’t ever forget.
The third photo is clearly about the time I figured out how to isolate color in the good ole Photoshop Elements and I am 99.9% sure my shirt says, “Party Like a Rockstar.” Gosh, I was cool.
And the fourth photo…what am I doing with my hand? This is straight up selfie mode. Oh, and look at that, another Photoshop masterpiece, the time I figured out how to change my eye color.
What many phases we go through in life, it’s fun, weird, sad and fascinating…all at once.
Have a thrilling Thursday everyone!

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