Thought Exercise: What Makes you Angry About the World?

*My apologies for the ramble below, but that’s what thought exercises are for!*

What makes me angry? Well, I am not usually an angry person, especially in face-to-face situations. I like to keep it civil and avoid confrontation but I’d be lying if I said I was happy with everything in the WORLD.


I think we can all agree on the following as common triggers of anger towards the world…

Discrimination against race, gender, etc., world hunger, bullies, hate crime, war, people who force their beliefs on others, hypocrites, politics, litterers, the guy who cut you off, the rude catcaller, the violator, the cheater, the gossiper, the liar, the disrupter, the gum popper, the seat kicker, the loud phone talker, the bad car parker, the inappropriate gesturer…

And why? Because most of these are people. People make people angry. People make me angry! I love humans but I hate people.

But more so it makes me angry how angry we get at each other and at ourselves.

We’re all in this together. We live on this amazing planet and we created a way of life that is kind of incredible. The intricate work of our governments and the functionality of our cities, farms, manufacturers, transportation, etc. It’s pretty unbelievable, we all have that in common…we all, for the most part, “follow the rules” of life. We go to school, get jobs, get married, have kids, pay taxes, get new jobs, buy houses, the list goes on.

But, each time a person makes one of these choices there’s an element of uncertainty. Something will go wrong and someone will get angry at someone else. But why?

Because of our EXPECTATIONS. We’re told what is right and what is wrong. Whether it’s by our parents, our teachers, the government, our boss at work or the media. And I’m not talking about the law here necessarily, but our social behavior, our bodies, our relationships, our jobs, our cars, our houses, our possessions, our beliefs.

This is me having a pessimist moment but seriously, it makes me angry that so many people live life in this world either looking for something that they might never find or they’re staying with something or someone because they don’t think they can do, or deserve, any better.

This is not their fault. We look at our friends, strangers, celebrities, and characters and see these fairytales, with what looks like only the happiest of endings. But we never see the whole picture.

I beg of thee to look beyond the surface. It is obviously acceptable to have expectations and goals. Most would encourage the idea. I advocate for the creation of personalized expectations. All things considered; family, friends, career interests, hobbies, capabilities, struggles, beliefs. How do you see your life? Write it down.

I wish for those that desire it to reach for the sky, follow your dreams and take chances. Follow your heart, listen to your gut and experience all that you want and are able. Do it for you and do it for love. Explore the world we live in and explore the make-believe. Expect the unexpected. Acknowledge and appreciate what you already have. Live in the moment, learn from the past. Pay attention to the small things. Learn everything you want about whatever you want.

I must now take my anger and turn it into my passion. And I hope you do the same.

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