11 Online Resources Every Lifelong Learner Should Know About


I got my degree. Now what?

Job search, interviews etc. of course, but you also have to stay current.

Your degree certainly has value, but let’s be honest you haven’t learned everything you need to know about your career field. And if you’re a multipotentialite like me, you didn’t quite take all of the classes you wish you could have because they weren’t in your major or you didn’t have enough elective opportunities. Well, I have good news. The learning isn’t over, and it never will be.

No matter what the subject matter things are always changing. Luckily, with such advances in technology, we have many resources to learn on our own.

Even if you aren’t planning to use your degree the way you thought you would, college will always have taught at least one thing you will use forever…it taught you how to learn. Take those note taking, studying, reading, researching, and analyzing habits and put them back into action.

There will always be books full of knowledge for us to absorb but the online education world is what takes learning on our own to a whole new level.

Being a little bit obsessed with learning, I’ve tested out several online learning resources. Of course, I always search for free opportunities, and there are some good ones, but there are some subscriptions that are completely worth paying for too! Below are some of the best learning platforms I’ve found:

1. Lynda.com

Courses for Business, Creative and Technology skills.

Fees Monthly or Annually.
Free 30-day trial.
Possible free memberships with a university affiliation.
Totally worth it!

2. Linkedin Learning

Courses for Business, Creative and Technology skills.

Fees Monthly or Annually.
Free 30-day trial.
Linkedin purchased Lynda.com and has meshed Lynda.com videos into their website as Linkedin Learning.

3. Cousera.org

FREE. Fees for certificates. MOOCs from a variety of well-known universities and colleges.

4. Ted-Ed

FREE.  “Lessons worth sharing.”

5. Udemy.com

Pay per course, as low as $10. Library of over 55,000 courses on many different topics.

6. Duolingo

FREE Language Learning tool. A Web App and a Mobile App.

The following languages are available to study:

Romanian for English speakers

7. Memrise

FREE memorizing and studying tool. The ultimate online flashcards.

8. monkeysee

FREE quick task how-to videos. Wondering how to dice an onion? How to sew a button? Are you looking for a fun new Halloween recipe? Or a tasty cocktail? Check out monkeysee!

9. Khan Academy

FREE! Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization providing free courses for all ages in math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.

10. Creative Bug

Short classes relating the following topics, made by a variety of designers and artists.

“You’re more creative than you think.”

11. The Great Courses

Audio and/or Video Lectures from Professionals in their fields on everything from Medical to Linguistics to Astronomy to Religion to Politics to Health to Physics. There is a series on pretty much every major topic. These lectures can get pretty pricey, I’ve found the best way to listen to these is through Audible.  You can use your credits to purchase a lecture series and get it for sometimes a third or fourth of the cost! Though The Great Courses stand-alone site often has great deals and specials to look out for as well, especially if you’re interested in the video feature.

Other online learning sites to check out:
edx.org, alison.com, youtube, G Suite Learning Center, skillshare.com

Always looking for new resources, shout ’em out if you got ’em!

Learn all you can. Be passionate. Be your ultimate you <3

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