Self-Discipline Thought Exercises

Flexing your Willpower Muscles

As humans, we are given a gift that sets us apart from other animals.

Yesterday, I talked about choices and how we should consider our future when making even the smallest decisions.

But we must also acknowledge how amazing it is that we have a choice at all.

Our brains give us the ability to think rationally.

Yes, of course, there are times of danger or threat that we should follow our instincts. But in most situations, we have the privilege to think first.

Can you think of a time when you wish you would have thought something through before acting?

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Day 3 of Self-Discipline – Embracing our humanity while exercising willpower.

Our most common temptations seem to be power, money, sex, food, drugs and the like.

These are all things we come across in life in different fashions. There are obviously times where we’ve earned some of these things and all is well and good. But don’t let your temptations be your quick fix. You may find comfort in satisfying a craving in that moment but how does it help your future?

On the other hand, sometimes these moments aren’t for your comfort but for someone else’s satisfaction. In these moments you have to, again, realize you have been blessed with the ability to choose what is right for you. A choice is something only you can make for yourself.

This enters a whole new realm of self-discipline and self-awareness that we are all too familiar with these days, in the media and possibly in our personal lives.

To those who choose to force decisions upon others, I beg you to fight those primal instincts. You too, believe it or not, have the ability to think rationally. I could rant on here…but just remember that in the long run, if you choose to do wrong, if you succumb to your animal-like urges without a single thought of how this could affect your future or those around you, you are renouncing your humanity.

To those who feel like they have no voice, to those who feel like their self-control was taken from them, and to those who are afraid because they’ve been threatened or because they’re embarrassed, this may feel like a danger moment. This may feel like a fight or flight situation, and that’s okay, but you have also been given the gift of willpower. Deep down, you are an intelligent human being who can choose for themselves what is right and what is wrong in any situation and I hope you are able to find the strength to make your choice to act as necessary.  You are brave and strong. You were born to be the amazing human that you are and you are never, ever alone.

Let us strive to embrace our humanity. And flex those willpower muscles!



I believe in the world right in front of me.

I believe in the world right in front of me.
These were the first words of the last song I heard.
And do I believe?
I do.
I move to the beat that surrounds us
The sounds and pounds that don’t mean to drown us
but lift us.
This world is a gift.
We must sift through the truths and myths
but still believe we’ll be okay.
And this message we must relay
to our past, present and future.
Today, tomorrow and everyday.


The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The Waiting.

One of the most common and most difficult things we do is wait. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s exciting. Sometimes the end result is worth the wait, sometimes it feels like it was a waste of time. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know the worth of the wait until you go through with it…but it’s the thrill of the chase, the curiosity of the unknown or the excitement of the best possible outcome that keeps us going.

In some way the wait is always worth something…we are surprised, disappointed, overjoyed and angered after waiting every day, no matter what it allows us to move on to the next step. The outcome determines how to proceed…in your day, in your It’s frustrating, overwhelming and stressful…but at the same time it can be, like in my current situation (that I’ll reveal later), it’s exciting, motivating and finally the start of a future plan. I want my new adventure to begin ASAP but I have to WAIT! I have to wait on emails, notifications, processes; but mostly I just have to wait for time to pass. In the end it will still have worth no matter what because then I’ll know what to do next…and then I’ll wait for something else!

The wait is not always controllable, that is when patience is important but if it is controllable…if you can shorten your wait time in a legal, positive and helpful way, you go for it.

Wait, as a verb, is first defined: stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens. I am thankful that my particular wait has a specified end date and time…the indefinite wait: remain in readiness for some purpose or be left until a later time before being dealt with, in my opinion, has to be the painful kind but still has worth, like waiting for love for example.

In order to pass some time in my wait, here is an amusing list of things we wait for in our lives…use your time wisely and enjoy the moment, even if you are waiting because the truth is we are always waiting for something or someone.

phone to charge
roller coasters/rides
Secretary of State or BMV
rain/storm to pass
meat to thaw
food to cook
water to boil
snow to melt
leaves to fall
dog to poop
software/apps to download
iPods/phones to sync
planes to land
planes to take off
fruit to ripen
wounds to heal
nails/hair to grow
music artists to play in our town
movies to show at the theater
books to release
ability to legally drive
ability to legally drink
your date to arrive
your date from yesterday to call
having children
telling the truth
hearing the truth
the beer or soda to get cold in the fridge
ice cubes to freeze
our abs to magically appear
to lose weight
to gain weight
soreness to go away
zits/canker sores to go die
grades to be posted or sent out
loans to be approved
paint/glue to dry
cookies to cool before frosting
bills to arrive
test results to come in
a special event to start
seeing family
vacation to start
the weekend to start
applications to be processed
graduate school admissions decisions

What are you waiting for?