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We're Gonna Be Best Friends

It’s hit me. I’m already losing my childhood memories. I am twenty-two, I am still in school, I am in my “adulting” phase…there’s lots of things on my mind but I haven’t traveled to the past in a while. The topic for today is Imaginary Friend and the truth is I don’t remember if I had an imaginary friend. I feel like I was definitely the type of kid that would have an imaginary friend but he/she/it obviously didn’t leave a very big impression on me so maybe we didn’t get along, if he/she/it grew up along side me we definitely grew a part and are of different crowds in the world.
I do, however, remember my first real “BFF,” which now that I think about that, the forever part of our friendship may not seem to be true in the sense that we still hangout, but the memories…those will last forever.
On the first day of first grade I sat at the tiny desk with my name on it, a girl sat next to me at her tiny desk and the first thing I said to her was, “We’re gonna be best friends.” Wouldn’t ya know it, we became best friends. I was shy then too, I’m surprised I was so forward but apparently the tactic worked.
Me and this girl got our ears pierced together. We joined cheerleading together. We went trick-or-treating together. We ate stuff-crust pizza and we watched the movies Enough, Gothika and Wrong Turn more than the average person ever has.
Gosh, we used to pretend we were fishing in the ditch in front of her old house…we would catch fish (leaves) with our fishing poles (sticks)….that’s right we basically sat there in a ditch stabbing leaves with sticks..we had top-drawer imaginations. Also, I can never thank her enough for teaching me how to ride a bike, how to rollerblade…how to be a little adventurous. I was a big chicken as a kid and let’s face it I wasn’t that coordinated but having a friend who believed in me, that was nice to grow up with.
As time passed we branched out. In middle school and high school we joined different clubs, played different sports, had different friend groups. But the great thing was we were never hostile, we just drifted a part. Still today I think we can both look back at our friendship in fondness. We have friends in this world for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And even if it isn’t a lifetime, something from that person still stays with you…a lesson, a skill, a memory, something!
So thank you (if ever you read this, you know who you are), for being my first real friend. Thank you for finding my tooth in your front yard the time we were eating brownies on your front porch. I wish you and your wonderful family ever happiness and success in this world. And I am so sorry for the time I kicked that exercise ball out from underneath you and you fell flat on your butt.
Peace and love, my friend.

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Musical Monday: The Walker

Fitz and the Tantrums
Have you ever heard a song on the radio and within seconds you remember a time in your life; because consciously or unconsciously you have associated that song with a particular moment, event, or person? This can be a powerful experience, why do you think people come up with engagement songs, wedding songs, class songs, etc. …because now whenever you hear that song you are reminded of the day you got married, the people you graduated with or the great memories you have from that time in your life!
It really is a brilliant idea, especially if you are a very music inspired person like myself. Say you have a project you’re working on or a 30 day challenge or maybe a week of vacation, why not pick a song to start your day with? Relate that song to what you’re doing some how or at least make it a song you like and after that period of time is up, every time you hear that song, it will remind you the success you had, the memories you made or the people you met.
I am lucky enough to have a song that will always remind me of my 12 days on a European Discovery! On my trip with Contiki Holidays, my awesome Tour Manager chose a song for our group of 49 travelers to associate with our incredible trip. She called it our “Day Song.” Each day, even if it was 7:00am, the first song we listened to on the coach was “The Walker” by Fits and the Tantrums. Which really was perfect for us because not many could keep up with our rhythm during those 12 days! As days passed we began to memorize the words, sing loudly along and even dance along. There were nights we would be out dancing at a club or at a bar and the song would come on, all of us would just go crazy! Every time we hear that song a variety of memories will rush through our brain…
Our adventure through the Red Light District, during a power outage in Amsterdam
The Beer Steins and Cuckoo clocks of St. Goar
Mike’s Bike Tour of Munich with Matt and Chris
White Water Rafting through the mountains in Austria
The Gondola’s of Venice
Exploring the ruins of Rome
Dancing the night away at the Space Electronic Disco in Florence
Travelling to the top of Mount Stanserhorn in Switzerland
Drinking wine and gazing at the beautiful lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
and the list goes on!
At first it was just a song, but by the end of the trip it was a part of us. It was, and will now always be, a series of unforgettable memories and moments with a group of incredibly unique and amazing people.