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Photo Friday: Stranger in a Strange Land

Happy Photo Friday! Today’s theme is #strangerinastrangeland.

This past June, I was lucky enough to do a bit of exploring in Austin, Texas. It was a short trip for a beautiful wedding and then some family bonding time with three of my favorite people. Austin isn’t particularly strange but I did find some fun things to photograph. The images I want to share today are a couple of the intriguing things and places we saw in nature and otherwise that certainly “Keep Austin Weird.”  Texas was a visual adventure for sure, I look forward to visiting again in the future!

Photos all taken with a Nikon 3100.

Keep Austin Weird
Austin ArtMonkeys Always WelcomeLucy in DisguiseCactusCheeto TreeAustin AnimalsZebra in DisguiseLavender PlantSkeletonTree Branch Spikes



The City and The Strange

Since starting Cinema Production at DePaul I have worked on many short films. Being on location brings me to places I would have never gone and shows me things I would have never seen. I feel like I have seen so much more of Chicago, and I love it. It’s given me the opportunity to take some cool photos of the city and of some really strange things…Here are a few photos I’ve taken on the way.